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Rebecca Dru: The Soul Photographer , Grammy Nominated Artist, Intuitive, Spiritual Consultant, Author, Motivational Speaker, Minister and Radio/TV Talk Show Co-Host

Rebecca Dru is a true Renaissance woman with a variety of interests and talents.

Rebecca Dru is The Soul Photographer It's her passion! She is a Destination, Behind the Scenes, Event and Portrait Photographer specializing in capturing the essence of your soul from her heart. She’s unconditional love. Rebecca Dru has photographed people all over the world including England, Ireland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Sicily, Canada, Virgin Gorda, Mexico, Japan and The US. She’s shot for The NY Times, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post and a host of other publications. She’s shot Maestri, Composers, Musicians, Actors, Dancers, Comedians, Sports Figures, Politicians, Families and so many more…but her favorite things are transformational photography; healings and Mother-Daughter sessions to rekindle those sacred relationships before it’s too late and heal that which needs to be resolved.

Rebecca Dru is a multi-award winning Grammy nominated singer/songwriter who’s been on American Bandstand, voted one of the top-10 new Country Artists at the Grand Ole Opry and can sing you a lullaby in Italian. Her music has been heard all over the world. Ann Oldenberg of USA TODAY said, “Anyone who listens will fall under the spell of Rebecca Dru’s rich vocals and dreamy lyrics.”  She and Misti Cooper are creating a new genre of music in the spiritual realm that will appeal to the masses.  They can be heard on

Rebecca Dru discovered she is part Irish and Nordic, a little Mongolian, Sicilian and Greek and mostly Eastern European, which explains everything. Months of the year you’ll find her traveling somewhere in the world with her best friend and business partner Misti Cooper healing people and the planet while searching for titillating treats, making new friends, enjoying cultural experiences and spreading love.

At the tender age of 3, Rebecca Dru was gifted in being able to see life, death, transition, second chances, and disease inside the body though it wasn’t exactly what her parents wanted to hear. She’s an Empathic Medical Intuitive working with Misti Cooper Spiritual Alchemist™. They’ve created Spiritual Ecstasy which is comprised of Multimedia, Books, Music, Healings, Lectures and Concerts. They travel the world with their seed activated crystal skull “ Skully” transforming lives with love everywhere they go. Even more exciting, Rebecca Dru and Misti Cooper are co-hosting their weekly radio/tv show “Spiritual Ecstasy” on Universal Broadcasting Network (UBN) at Sunset-Gower Studios available worldwide on UBN, Youtube and iTunes podcasts. Together they are a force to be experienced. Time and time again Rebecca Dru and Misti Cooper have been told how meeting them has activated a dramatic change within peoples lives. They don’t just heal people, They are Transforming Lives and Activating Souls.

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