Spiritual Makeover - Rebecca Dru Photography

Spiritual Makeover with Misti Cooper & Rebecca Dru


We offer a private one day transformation. We take you on an inner journey of self discovery with a day of nurturing. You will be chauffeured to lunch in a glamorous location. Our intention is to learn about your life; family, childhood, passions and major events in your history.

Rebecca melts your walls while Misti heals the wounded places. On this day of healing we are accompanied by “Skully” our fluorite crystal skull who travels the world with us healing people and the planet.  A personalized crystal grid of stones is assembled just for you to take home. While in the midst of our Shamanic container of Divine Feminine Energy we are Transforming Lives and Activating Souls.

Gratitude for day of transformation: $1,995 USD  BOOK NOW!

Complete makeover with makeup, hair and fashion stylist: $2,995 USD  BOOK NOW!

Soul Photography Transformation Session with 2 DRUified™photos (and all the above): $3500 USD BOOK NOW!

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