I AM DIVINE LOVE…I SEE THE ESSENCE OF YOUR SOUL…I TALK TO YOUR HIGHER SELF Intuitive•Spiritual Consultant•Minister of LOVE•Soul Photographer•Teacher•Writer•Author• Grammy Nomin8ed Artist/Songwriter• Sound Freak Facilitator•Laughter Healing•Crystal Healing•Earth Healing•Spiritual Adventures•Motiv8ional SpeakR•Radio TV Talk SpiritualXTC

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Rebecca Dru is a true Renaissance woman with a variety of interests and talents.

Rebecca Dru is LOVE. She’s a true Renaissance woman with a variety of interests and talents. At 3, Rebecca Dru was gifted as an Empathic Medical Intuitive in seeing life, death, disease, transition and second chances inside the body and the ability to facilitate healing with sound frequency. Rebecca is filled with Laughter & LOVE; she works your internal core with joy and wraps her arms around you with Pure Divine LOVE. She’s a Spiritual Entertainer working with Misti Cooper. They’ve created Spiritual Ecstasy Enterprise comprised of Travel, Teaching, Spiritual Life Coaching, Transformations and Activations, Multimedia, Books, Music, Merchandise, Sacred Oils, Lectures, Concerts and Live Audience Participation Theatre, Transforming Lives with Love everywhere they go.

Rebecca Dru is The Soul Photographer. She captures the essence of your soul from her heart. She is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Rebecca Dru’s photography is international, featured in The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The NY Times and a host of other publications. She’s captured souls from Entertainment to Sports but her favorite is Transformational Photography. Galleria San Francisco in San Miguel de Allende will be featuring her photographs of Mexico in September 2019.

Rebecca Dru is a multi-award winning Grammy nominated artist whose music has been heard worldwide. Ann Oldenburg of USA TODAY said, “Anyone who listens will fall under the spell of Rebecca Dru’s rich vocals.” Rebecca Dru has been given the gift of opening neural pathways with her music, instruments and voice. She and Misti Cooper are creating a new genre of music and meditation in the Spiritual realm to appeal to everyone. You can purchase her music on iTunes, CDBaby and Amazon...check out DRUtones.  Try out SPIRITUALXTC OMwand. @SPIRITUALXTC  

Rebecca Dru is a Gifted Teacher. She has worked with children for over 40 years, intuitively gifted in understanding the functioning of each individual’s brain and being able to open up new neural pathways with sound and movement. Her work has and will continue to revolutionize the learning capabilities of children who have been born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Drug Addiction, Aspergers, Autism and more. She’s currently working on a book and a teaching series based on her program, Bang!Crash!Boom!.

Rebecca Dru discovered she is part Irish and Nordic, a little Mongolian, Sicilian and Greek and mostly Eastern European, which explains everything. Months of the year you’ll find her traveling somewhere in the world with her partner Misti Cooper facilitating healing people and the planet while searching for titillating treats, making new friends, enjoying cultural experiences and spreading love.  Join us on our Spiritual Ecstasy Spiritual Adventures™ 

Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @DRUified and @SPIRITUALXTC

To Book a session with Rebecca Dru & Misti Cooper or to have them speak at your function or create a group meditation for your company: ACTIVATE@SPIRITUALXTC.COM +1.310.409.9765

This from Rebecca Dru: "I'm the photographer who gets inside your soul... who sees through all you are hiding from and brings out the essence of who you are. I am an intuitive who often times knows you better than you know yourself...and if you surrender yourself to me, my lens or my voice...you might be surprised by what you see…"

“I am the voice who will sing tones to create vibrations in your body and play unusual instruments to move frequency into the muscle striation and molecular structure of your cells.”

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